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Icons, Emojis

One of the best features of CoRA is the possibility to use more than 10,000 icons and thousands of emojis in your project with practically zero additional effort. Moreover, [custom icons can be added] and used in notes, comments and tags.

    Tip: Enter some keywords to find icons and emojis and click on the shortcode to copy it to your clipboard.


    This configuration enables the use of icons and emojis by using simple shortcodes which can be discovered through the icon search. The following icon sets are bundled with CoRA:


    Using emojis

    Emojis can be integrated in Markdown by putting the shortcode of the emoji between two colons. If you're using Twemoji (recommended), you can look up the shortcodes at Emojipedia:



    Using icons

    When [Emoji] is enabled, icons can be used similar to emojis, by referencing a valid path to any icon bundled with CoRA.


    Last update: 2023-12-23
    Created: 2023-12-23