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Refits Zones

This will allow you visualize bone refits based on zones.

Create Refits-Zones

Left Sidebar Menu -> Data Visualization -> Refits

In order to create Refits-Zone, click on the 'Data visualization' on the left navigation bar. This will take you to the Data visualization page. This page lists different types of project visualizations that can be used on CoRA.

Generate Refits-Zones

The bolded fields are required.

The Italic fields can be multi-select - Bone - Side - Completeness - Zones - Specimens

Clicking on 'Go' button under 'Refits', it will bring to to the main page of 'Refits-Zones' with the filter selection. Only 'Bone' required field, 'Side','Completeness','Zones' and 'Specimen' are optional for generating the graph.

Step 1: Select a Bone

Once 'Bone' field is selected, the other three filter fields show up.

Refits Zones Select Bone

Step 2: Click the generate button

Step 3: Select a zone

After the generation, you will able to select a zone or multiple zones. The chosen zone will be highlighted and appear bolded line.

Refits Zones Filter

Step 4: Select a specimen

You will able to select a specimen or multiple specimens which if a chosen specimen refits the chosen zone, the chosen specimens will appear dotted line.

Refits Zones Visualization

Possible Refit Options

In the menu on the right side, you can see more possible refits options on how your refits-zone display.

This field can be multi-select - Exact Refits - Exact Refits Multiple - 1-Overlap - 2-Overlap - 3-Overlap

Refits Possible Refits Options

Last update: 2024-01-05
Created: 2024-01-05