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Before settling for CoRA, it's a good idea to understand the philosophy behind the CoRA Ecosystem, in order to make sure it aligns with your goals and project needs. This page explains the design principles anchored in CoRA and explains them briefly in this documentation.

Design principles

🌐 It's a Saas Web Application

Focus on the forensic anthropology skills you are good at and leave the software and hardware issues to us, because CoRA is managed as Software as a service (Saas). No need to know Programming, Databases, HTML, CSS or JavaScript. - Let CoRA do the heavy lifting for you.

Advanced Analytics & Visualizations

Provides the most advanced, current and modern analytics and visualizations to help you find things that matter using state-of-the-art algorithms including advanced statistical techniques & regression models, graph theory and AI/ML models. – The algorithms in CoRA are designed to help you find things that matter

Works on all devices

Serve your project needs with confidence – the underlying layout, screens, widgets, styles and user interface automatically adapts to perfectly fit the available screen real estate, no matter the type or size of the viewing device. – CoRA works where you are, on any device

Made to measure

Change the colors, notifications, org, project & user settings and much more with just a few clicks. CoRA can be easily customized and provides tons of options to alter appearance and behavior. – CoRA is a delight to work with.

Fast and lightweight

Don't let your users wait – get incredible value with a small footprint, by using one of the fastest specimen inventorying system around with excellent performance and traceability resulting in faster and accurate identifications. – CoRA delivers on a consistent basis


Make accessibility a priority – users can navigate your project data with touch devices, keyboard, and screen readers. Semantic ARIA support ensures that CoRA works for everyone. – CoRA is crafted for all, no one left behind

Open Community Driven

Trust users across the globe – choose a mature solution built with state-of-the-art Open Source technologies. Keep ownership of your content without fear of data lock-in. – CoRA is build by people like you

Last update: 2023-12-27
Created: 2023-12-23