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Enterprise Feedback


This page is work in progress.

We highly value the insights of our enterprise users, and we're eager to hear from you. Your feedback is immensely valuable to us. If you're utilizing CoRA in an enterprise context and would like to share your experiences with us, we'd love to connect and discuss:

  • What you are building with it
  • What aspects you like about it
  • What challenges you are facing
  • What could be improved

Let's Connect

To schedule a convenient appointment, please reach out to us via email at and provide us with the following details:

  • Your company's name
  • How you are using CoRA
  • Any specific questions or topics you'd like to address

Once we have this information, we'll promptly get in touch with you to arrange a 30-minute call. Please note that this call is exclusively intended for enterprise users and is not meant for technical support. Instead, it's an opportunity for us to engage in a casual conversation to better understand your unique needs.

We look forward to our discussion!

Last update: 2023-12-23
Created: 2023-12-23