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Relationships graph

Single/multiple Relationship Graph

The Single/Multiple Relationship Graph is a type of visualization used to illustrate complex relationships between a central node and multiple related nodes, which may themselves interact with one another or with additional nodes.

The following table shows the required and optional fields to generate a single multiple relationship graph.

Attributes Required/Optional
Graph Type Required
Relation Required
Specimen Optional

Steps to generate a single/multiple relationship graph

Step-1: Select graph type

The graph type is always defaulted to force directed graph and no change is required.

Step-2: Select a relation.

Select a relation from the list of available relations. For example: Pathology.

Step-3: Generate the graph

Click on eye icon to generate the single/multiple relationship graph.

Step-4: Choose a specimen

Choose a desired specimen that will be highlighted in the graph.

More Options/Filters:

Click on the kebab menu to find more options. These options include

  • Filtering the specimens by Accession number, Provenance 1 and Provenance 2.
  • Choosing subtypes in relations. (For example: Types of pathologies)
  • Disjoint graph toggle

Last update: 2024-05-04
Created: 2024-05-04