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AAFS 70th Annual Conference Presentation

Welcome to Workshop #7: Data Standards, Archiving and Analytics in Forensic Anthropology

CoRA first introduced to the world 🌐

CoRA was first introduced to the outside world at the American Academy of Forensic Science AAFS 70th Annual Conference held in Seattle, WA in February 2018.

Program Description

Presentations of a unified data architecture and ontology for recording and managing biometric data in forensic anthropology will be presented in this session.

Educational Objectives

After attending this presentation, attendees will understand the benefits of a unified data architecture and ontology of forensic anthropology data, which enables the development and implementation of software applications for data analytics. Attendees of this session will join a community of users and will gain access to open source software for recording and managing biometric data in forensic anthropology.

Impact on the Forensic Science Community

This presentation will impact the forensic science community by providing access to an ecosystem of software applications for forensic anthropology that facilitates casework analyses. Casework efficiencies are realized through a common ontology, enabling data sharing and opportunities for new methods. The ecosystem of applications is based on open source software that fosters collaboration and community engagement via appropriate interfaces and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Click here for more information about the AAFS 70th Annual Conference Proceedings in Seattle, WA. You can download the proceedings by visiting their website.

Last update: 2023-12-27
Created: 2023-12-23