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What is CoRA Analytics?

The CoRA Analytics engine is part of the CoRA Ecosystem that can be thought of as an extension and a framework to perform analytics on forensic anthropology datasets. It is also designed to act as a broker facilitating exchange of data from various systems such as the native CoRA projects data, CMS/StarLIMS data in the appropriate format and sending the various datasets to the appropriate analytics apps. These analytics apps can be independent self contained applications build by individual researchers and are independent of the CoRA Ecosystem developed and managed by the researcher/author. These apps must follow and comply with established architecture guidelines to work with the base CoRA Analytics engine and established data quality parameters and established APIs.

The diagram below details the logical diagram for the CoRA Ecosystem Analytics Architecture. CoRA Ecosystem Analytics Architecture

Built-in Analytics

The CoRA analytics engine provides some built-in analytics out of the box such as simple regression analysis for the datasets that are most commonly used in forensic anthropology. Other more advanced analytics will be provided via independent analytics application that can be developed by any researcher and plug-in into the CoRA Ecosystem.

Independent Analytics Applications

The following section on this page is work in progress.

Independent Analytics Applications

Following are some of the independent analytics applications that are either being developed or have already been developed that work with the CoRA Ecosystem.

Osteometric Sorting

Blurb by author here - Jeffery Lynch


Blurb by author - Julia Sommer


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Dental Metrics

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Contribution Guidelines for CoRA Analytics

Last update: 2023-12-27
Created: 2023-12-23